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How To Set Goals - A New Approach

Setting the right goals makes it easier to stick to them and more likely you will succeed. Download this free Setting Goals worksheet to help you set realistic and achievable goals.


When you choose to focus your time and energy on goal setting, it means you are already on your way to getting what you want in life.

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What is a goal?

A goal is something to aim for, a target; just in the game of football. Your goals can be related to work, relationships, money, personal development; all elements of your life.

What do you want?

More free time? More money? A positive mindset? A new home? Different job? Learn a specific skill or language? Lose weight? Redecorate a room? A pet? Travel? A child? A gap year?

Now is a good time as any to give careful consideration to what you want to focus on in the next few months or the coming year.

Why a new approach to setting goals?

I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge that many things in life and the world have changed since March 2020. The old mode of busyness - chasing, rushing, packing everything in, keeping up with the Jones', overwhelm and stress – is outdated and exhausting.

A new approach to goal setting means being aligned with your values; choosing what you want versus what other people or society expects; incorporating self care and your wellbeing. It means stretching yourself but not killing yourself. It means being kind to yourself.

The importance of goal setting

  • Using a new approach to goal setting will help you reflect on what is going on in your life and make considered decisions about what you really want to welcome in, let go of or change.

  • SMART goals reduce procrastination and overwhelm

  • Goals give you a target to aim for and reduce floundering behaviour

  • Goals aligned with your values create purpose and motivation to move forward

  • Having goals creates meaning and a feeling of fulfillment

Setting Goals worksheet

Your free setting goals worksheet; 'Setting Goals - A New Approach' features sections on:

  • How to determine your values

  • How to set SMART goals

  • Goal prioritisation exercise

  • 8 tips on how to achieve your goals

  • Manifesting ideas and affirmations

  • Identify first steps for each goal

To access the free downloadable PDF, please register to my free life coach resources library which includes other valuable downloads, videos & audio files.

Working with a life coach and using NLP therapy will help you reach your goals quickly and build your confidence and your motivation. I am a certified Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP Practitioner. Book a free 30-minute Discovery Call to discuss how life coaching and NLP techniques can help you. I am an online life coach.

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