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I am Faith Hill from the UK, 45 years old and I am a certified life coach and NLP practitioner.


My mindset - and whole life - changed after I worked with a coach in 2012. I was utterly inspired to do the same for others. I left London and now run my coaching business from a tropical island in Thailand.


I have been a certified Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming since 2015. In that time, I have coached people all over the world from London to Los Angeles to Cape Town to Sydney to Bangkok.


I absolutely love to help people create positive change and get what they want in life. This can be anything from building a new mindset or changing their lifestyle to choosing a new life path or career change. My work helps people reprogram their brains for success.

Faith Hill life coach uk & NLP practitioner

I’ve learnt many different techniques in my life coaching and NLP training, and also from many teachers I’ve met and paths I’ve travelled on my journey. I compliment my practical, perhaps more traditional coaching therapies occasionally with a variety of spiritual or alternative methods such as meditation, manifestation and gratitude practices.

Prior to becoming a coach, I worked for 16 years in London. I had a fantastic career in media, working in corporate life at Time Inc and Hachette on brands such as Marie Claire, In Style, NME, Look, woman&home and Wallpaper*. I also spent time learning from entrepreneurs at start-ups such as The Knowledge Engineers and with the brilliant Trampery co-working space group. In addition, I undertook a number of consultancy projects which included a digital venture with the Institute of Directors. More details on LinkedIn.


Outside of work, I love being outdoors in nature and walk everywhere (I don’t own a car). I love to travel when I can, and even undertook my NLP Master Practitioner training at altitude in Spiti Valley in the Himalayas. I practice yoga and meditation to help keep my mind calm and love reading books. In recent years, I have learnt how to DJ and got to grips with a sewing machine; my lockdown project was designing and making kimonos. I also write for women’s magazines and websites – see my published articles here - and hosted the Sanctuary Wellness Podcast.


Book a free 30-minute Discovery Call so we we can talk together and you can decide if I am the right life coach to help you.

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