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"I can highly recommend this awesome life coach!! Faith is incredible and due to her extensive training , she has insight that is invaluable. Do yourself a favour a book a few sessions with her. It’s the best investment you will ever make in yourself - especially if you’re feeling stuck!!!"

Anne-Maire, Ireland

"Your coaching method really helped me, it was great to work with you. I still remember everything you said."

Emma Hall, UK @emmathehearthealer

"Life coaching with Faith has been amazing. I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience. It’s been rewarding, challenging (in a good way), informative, inspiring and has really allowed me to grow to a place where I couldn’t of imagined reaching. I have had a complete physical, mental and emotional transformation in the last 18 months which all started with our first session of the first block of 7. We focused on wellbeing and 6 months after our first session I had lost 2 stone and had gained my self confidence back. Before the coaching I couldn’t imagine this being possible.
Faith gave me the faith to believe that anything is possible. She has given me guidance, helped me re-frame my thinking and set goals. I have also lent on her to keep me accountable and she has given me the space to find my own way to success.

The second block of 7 sessions started around 10 months later. This time we focused on relationships. We built on the success of the first block of sessions and were able to really explore another area of life which has given me the drive to keep growing, has build my self esteem, figure out my needs and leave me feeling totally empowered. For me this has been the true beauty of the coaching sessions because it’s not just been about what happens in the sessions; it’s the amount of self growth that continues in between and beyond the final session that is so valuable.
Sessions with Faith can only bring positivity to your life. So I would highly recommend you go for it! And watch your transformation unfold.
RH, London


"I've just completed a series of sessions with Faith. I had an immediate feeling that her coaching would be helpful, but little did I know how much I would get processed, clarified and let go off while being in the supportive framework of Faith's skilled, kind and wise Self. I have accomplished a lot of overdue tasks these last few weeks and I was honestly stuck in a rut and procrastinating for multiple reasons. Faith made me feel welcomed, supported and prepped for taking action with her kind, respectful and non-judging approach. I even went into deeper issues between sessions. I got so much out of the sessions with Faith and I really appreciate her professional skills, wise questions and light-filled persona equally. Thank you from my heart!"
Mette Kolding, Copenhagen

"Getting back to work as a new mother is one thing… throw in a global pandemic and some very deep scars from tricky work experiences and you have – I had – one very daunting, very confusing life moment. The extent to which Faith coached me through all that and back into work, confidently and with a new-found sense of purpose, cannot be overstated. 
In a series of weekly calls, Faith guided me towards an understanding of what I now needed from life, from work – and how to get there. She never imposed her own agenda… she supported, she steered, she gave me the tools I needed to get to the answers – and positive action – myself. I always left my life coaching sessions with her feeling positive, energised, clear and focused. 
Her ability to cut right through the noise, to get straight to the heart of an issue is almost as impressive as her ability to guide you through it, out the other end.  Faith is a guiding light – I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone struggling to navigate some of life’s trickier moments."
"Faith is a great coach, she's inspiring, optimistic, motivational and very insightful. Over the past few weeks, I've had a number of groundbreaking sessions with her that have helped me to realign my life, get unstuck and create an exciting new path. I’m now very focused, feeling motivated and currently working on some interesting new projects. I will continue to work with her into the foreseeable future, as her techniques and guidance have proven to be very powerful in helping me to realise my dreams, goals and aspirations. I'd highly recommend Faith's coaching services to anyone feeling uncertain or wanting to make changes in their lives."
Cherie Joseph, Canada
"Great to work with Faith who is exceptional at what she does. I wanted some help and support to make changes but couldn't pick through my jumbled thoughts of what and how. Faith's methods brought absolute clarity, helped me to look at things differently and build a clear plan with objectives. I suddenly realised this was all possible and without her valuable advice I would never have got this far. I look forward to booking future sessions - her coaching is invaluable!"
"I always thought Life Coaches were a waste of time and a bit ‘mamby pamby’, but then I experienced ‘burn out’ and I found an article in my magazine about how this lady went through something similar and decided to speak to a life coach and it changed her life, so I thought I had nothing to lose and made the call! I can honestly say, I have completely changed my perception of a Life Coach and what they can accomplish with you and it’s all thanks to Faith. She listens intently and takes in everything you say to build solutions and actions for change. She asks questions I would never normally give time to think about and brings so much positivity to the sessions, it becomes my weekly pleasure! I have never felt better, felt so clear about what I want and what I need to do to make the difference that myself and my family need. Balance has entered my life and I feel awake for the first time in years!  Thank you Faith, you are wonderful."
Sam Hellen, UK

"Faith, your input and the NLP way you showed to me gave me guidance. I feel that now I am good at listening to me, speaking my truth, whilst accepting others’ truths and ways of seeing things. Also, I feel much more at ease to formulate my opinion clearly without hesitance. Thanks for all of your input also regarding my career, I remember it well. A lot has changed within the last year since we met and you’ve been a part of my journey forward."
KB, Germany
"Faith is intuitive and extremely knowledgeable and draws upon her own experience to provide reliable and relatable advice. I had underestimated the importance of having the advice from someone outside of my usual circle. Faith’s ability to help re-frame perceived problems and offer insightful guidance has helped make the path clear. I really hope to continue using coaching with Faith in the future!"
Laura M, London
"Thank you so much for your words and unique support. It's amazing how the way of looking at things can change the whole life. My life got much more easy with lots of space to breath, just because of one hour with you. Your suggestions are my daily companion."
JS, Germany

"Thanks so much for all your help and insight. I'm so glad I got to meet you and be a recipient of your wisdom! I hope our paths cross again one day."
JP, California, US
"You have a true talent for what you do. It was lovely to meet you and I enjoyed our time together."
NK, Ireland

"Faith helped me breakthrough my old ways and obtain a new positive outlook of myself and life. She helped me realize how beautiful I am and that I am capable far beyond what I thought of myself before. I am now noticing so many good qualities of myself and I am now living a productive life. She has also helped me pursue my innate passion of writing. I could say she is the root cause of all the good causes in my life now. My self-esteem is climbing steeply only because of this root cause. Now nothing that world says or does to me can affect in a negative way. Im so excited about my future. Thank you so much Faith Muah!"
Aswin Ghogar, Bangkok
"I had six sessions of life coaching with Faith and it exceeded my expectations. As a psychotherapist myself, I have a lot of self awareness, but Faith was able to bring out my strengths and this enabled me to see the positives and start to believe in my aspirations and plans and remove the obstacles that I’d put in the way. In the first session we discovered that self-care and stillness were essential to my progress, and this culminated in me taking action and finding peace in Goa 6 weeks later. Faith is extremely friendly and easy to connect with and I recommend her to anyone who needs some support if they are feeling stuck and unable to move forward."
Amelia White, Brighton

"‘Faith is an incredibly talented and brilliant coach. She has been a key part of my support system during one of the most important and transitional parts of my life. She is a shining star of positivity and light and she sees all possibilities without bounds’.
Justine Walsh, London
"Faith is simply brilliant. I am at crossroads in my career and Faith had some really inspirational advice about my situation and it really has helped to look at things in a new way. She helped me focus on the positives, brainstorm new avenues I could take and embrace the change and uncertainty that is ahead. I came away from Faith feeling more motivated than I have felt in a long, long time. Faith has such  a lovely energy and a passion for what she does, that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her if you are stuck in a rut or looking to re-focus”.
LT, London
"Faith, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for meeting with me yesterday and for listening with an open mind & heart. You had some really insightful things to say about me and my situation and it really has helped to refocus my mind. I will try and remember to ditch the negative self-talk and will view my journey as a horizontal as opposed to vertical incline - it really does help to view things that way. I really am grateful for the time you spent helping me to gain the necessary perspective so THANK YOU!!"
Ellie Brown, London





"Motivational, inspirational and full of tools to help you make the most out of your situation, whatever that may be. It was empowering and useful and I look forward to applying the lessons learned. Faith’s honesty, enthusiasm and professionalism really shone through. A really welcoming, positive atmosphere."
C. Wood, Scotland

"I wanted to say a huge thank you! It was a truly inspiring and uplifting workshop. From the very beginning there was so much energy, enthusiasm and warmth. Absolutely loved the workshop and also meeting the lovely people who were there.”
H. Ashcroft, London


"LOVED the Spark Escapes workshop with founder, Faith Hill, and life coach guru, Silvia Christmann. The day was amazing from start to finish. There was a comfortable ‘family’ style vibe from the outset and both Faith and Silvia made everyone feel like they could go anywhere with them. They most definitely created a ‘safe’ space. For me, it was invaluable practical research as I’d like to become a life coach myself so I went away totally inspired. It was obvious that everyone was really buzzing by the end of the day which is testament to Faith and Silvia’s passion for what they do. There was a great energy between them which became more and more infectious as the day went on. 100% good vibes. Spark Escapes rocks! Nice one, ladies."
J. O'Connor, London
"Faith provided a workshop stuffed to the brim with awseome, inspiring, motivated, like minded people. I loved the people and got so much from listening to their stories, its a must-do for anyone stuck in a rut or in search of a new path."
Paul Furness, London
"Thanks so much for an awesomely inspiring day and for being so utterly amazing."
TC, London
"I really enjoyed the experience. It was great being surrounded by like-minded individuals. The tools were great reminders of those key things that can keep us on track for a work-life balance and a happy life."
Alexandra A, London
"I feel very lucky to have attended this course. I admire Faith a lot, so energetic and determined. I started the workshop with mixed feelings in spite of Faith's warm welcome. However, by lunchtime things started to make sense. Marietta was very cleverly, nicely but firmly guiding us, making sure we turned into a team, helping each other to develop our thinking. I came away from the course feeling stronger and able to look at my professional life in a dispassionate and clear headed way, which I somehow wasn't able to do beforehand. Although I haven't quite found the answer yet, I now know where to look and I also believe I will get there, in my own time. I really wish I had found out about Find Your Calling workshop ages ago, the weekend did me so much good, and the ladies I met there were lovely. This was the best money I spent in a long time!"
Helene G, London
"Having recently participated in the ‘Find Your Calling Workshop’ I wanted to thank Marietta and Faith for the positivity and commitment they showed in ensuring everyone got as much as possible from the workshop. With a lovely setting and great food, it was a nurturing and safe environment in which to explore dreams and possibilities. The other participants were also a really interesting bunch. Ultimately we are responsible for fixing our own lives, but with a complimentary follow-up call it is evident that Marietta and Faith do genuinely care about your personal outcome."
Carole Howard, London

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