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4 Easy Steps To Become A More Dynamic Person

Dynamic people thrive. These four simple steps will help you to cultivate a transformative dynamic personality and show you how to be dynamic at work and at play.

4 Easy Steps to Be a More Dynamic Person

Dynamic things happen when you operate with a dynamic personality.

There are times in life when we can experience a little boredom - with our environment, our work, our relationships and even ourselves. These feelings are part of the ebb and flow of life, but if we feel them deeply or for a period of time longer than we are comfortable with, it can signal a call for a change of attitude and an injection of dynamism.

Being dynamic does not mean you have to be loud, outspoken or pushy.

It does not mean you have to have an extrovert personality or the most wild person in the room. Quiet or subtle dynamism is equally as powerful.

What does being dynamic mean? Let us take a look at some dictionary definitions of dynamic:

  • Having a lot of ideas and enthusiasm

  • Continuously changing or developing

  • Relating to forces that produce movement

  • Positive in attitude

  • Full of energy and new ideas

  • Characterized by constant change, activity, or progress

In addition to this list, what makes YOU feel dynamic?

How to be dynamic

How to be more dynamic

Step 1

Take a notebook and write a list of at least 10 verbs (actions, states or occurrences) that make you feel dynamic. Write down the words that conjure up a dynamic personality in your mind.

When I did this exercise, I listed the following:

  1. Learning (something new )

  2. Creating

  3. Sharing (experiences)

  4. Debating

  5. Interacting

  6. Being active (as opposed to lethargic)

  7. Applying energy and enthusiasm

  8. Collaborating

  9. Meeting new people

  10. Going to new places

  11. Feeling vibrant

  12. Dancing

  13. Feeling uncomfort (in something new) in order to grow/expand

Step 2

Next, write a list of specific activities relating to your chosen dynamic verbs; activities you can engage (more) in, people you can spend (more) time with or observe (like at an event), ways in which you can experience those feelings.

Make your list as broad as possible to show yourself the extensive variety you have available to you. Include activities that you already do now and new things you can make happen as part of your dynamic growth.

(My list included riding a motorbike more often as I love the thrill and am proud of myself for actually doing it; researching and learning something totally new in the market; writing and filming an online positive mindset course and visiting a new creative working space nearby as I know it will be full of dynamic and inspiring people and concepts).

Step 3

Do as many of your dynamic activities list from Step 2 as soon and as often as you can to create and maintain your dynamic attitude. Being dynamic takes effort; put in the effort required to get the results you desire.

Step 4

To help you prioritise the re-birth of your attitude and filter out activities which don’t uplift you or your dynamic attitude, I have created the following list of questions which you can ask yourself before you engage in something that will use your energy and time. If you get a yes to at least 6-8 questions, proceed!

  1. Can I call this activity dynamic?

  2. Will I feel dynamic during the activity or afterwards?

  3. Do I feel dynamic thinking about (doing) it?

  4. Does it involve change, development or progress?

  5. Could it generate a new idea?

  6. Could it develop an existing idea I have?

  7. Does it require movement (physical or energetic)?

  8. Can I call it a positive thing to do (for me or others that I care about)?

  9. Will I enjoy using my energy to do it?

  10. Do I feel determined to do it/see it though?

  11. Will it help me maintain a dynamic attitude?

We are all dynamic beings; we just have to nurture our dynamic personality to bring it out.

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