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How to Create A Daily Routine When Working From Home

Enjoy this short video featuring life coach advice on the benefits of a daily routine and a morning routine to help you reduce stress and alleviate feelings of uncertainty.

How to create a daily routine working from home

Keep a daily routine helps your mind and body feel less stressed and more organised. A morning routine in particular is great to set a positive mindset which lasts for the rest of your day.

In this video, I have included some ideas for wellbeing practices and mindset techniques for your daily routine, which are especially valid if you are working from home.

If you are finding it difficult to maintain a work life balance or would like help in setting a daily routine, I am here to help you.

I am a certified Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP Practitioner. Working with a life coach and using NLP therapy will build your confidence, increase your motivation and help you get what you want in life. Book a free 30-minute Discovery Call with me to hear more life coaching tips and to discuss how my life coaching and NLP techniques can help you. I am an online life coach.

Listen to my podcast episode: 'Cultivate a Positive Mindset in Challenging Times' on the Sanctuary Wellness podcast


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