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10 Best Self Improvement Books: How To Win at Life, Work & Relationships

With so many great self improvement books available today, it can be so hard to choose the right ones. This is a list of my personal 10 best self help books.

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Being such a book worm, it was difficult for me to whittle my favourite self help books down to just ten for this blog post. However, these books have made a significant impact on my life and how I think, behave and perform; I hope you enjoy them too.

Best Self Help Books for Mindset

Best Self Help Books: Joe Dispenza book; Evolve Your Brain

Neurologist Joe Dispenza combines his in-depth scientific studies and knowledge on the human brain with his broad experience on how we can change the way we think.

He shows it is truly possible to create a new Self through changing the mind.

I also hugely rate another of his books - Break The Habit of Being Yourself - and his online workshops.

Best Self Help Books: Mel Robbins book The 5 Second Rule

Mel Robbins was on the floor mentally and emotionally when she created the 5 Second Rule. Since then she has turned her life around and created unbelievable achievements through using the Rule every day.

Her books shares many case studies and ways to use the Rule yourself.

You can find several of Mel's videos online, not least her infamous TED talk - How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over - which has had 15million views to date.

Best Self Help Books: Eckhart Tolle book - The Power of Now

If you've not already read this legendary book, order it right now.

Eckhart Tolle's wisdom on stopping the ferocious 'monkey mind' is without doubt the most life-changing book I've ever read.

He shares many ways to identify thought patterns and how to give yourself some peace from the voices in your head.

I re-read it every couple of years!

Best Self Help Books for Relationships

Best Self Help Books: Catherine Holden book - The Drama Triangle

This is a very short yet powerful read on an important part of Transactional Analysis therapy.

In relationships or conflict, how often have you found yourself being a 'victim'; or being accused of being a 'perpetrator'; or coming along as a 'rescuer'?

Catherine Holden explains each position on the drama triangle and how to break free of it's grip.

Best Self Help Books: Dr Fred Luskin book - Forgive for Good

I came across Fred Luskin - with the excellent job title of Director of Stanford University Forgiveness Projects - in 2018.

Practicing forgiveness is an unbelievably powerful way to reduce anger and resentment within ourselves... which ultimately leads to a happier and calmer being and life.

Inspired by Fred, I wrote an article for Planet Mindful magazine earlier this year on forgiving others and ourselves.

Best Self Help Books: Marshall B Rosenberg book - Being Me, Loving You

A friend introduced me to Marshall B. Rosenberg by way of videos of a live workshop Marshall ran several years ago.

And boy, it was a game-changer.

Once a very angry, resentful man who ploughed through relationships with a similar attitude, he has since developed a profound way of explaining and identifying how people can relate in a beautiful, understanding way.

Best Self Help Books: Byron Katie book - Loving What Is

Byron Katie created 'The Work' after finding herself in a very bad way in all aspects of life.

This is just one of her many successful books which reaffirmed to me how powerful our attitude is in terms of resolving negative feelings and relationships.

Also check our her YouTube channel for a plethora of case studies of her work in action.

Best Self Help Books for Work & Creativity

Best Self Help Books: Richard Connor Book - Break Your Busy

Once a high powered architect with his own firm in London, Richard Connor now lives a nomadic lifestyle writing about how to discover a creative work life without the chains and social constructs of the world we are used to.

He wrote this book and several others from the Thai jungle (we are fellow digital nomads in Thailand!)

See his other books on his website.

Best Self Help Books: Elizabeth Gilbert book - Big Magic

Liz Gilbert's incredible honesty about her crippling fear around writing her second book after Eat, Pray, Love totally won me over (here's her 7-min TED Talk).

If you feel you've lost your creativity, or you tell yourself you're 'just not a creative person' (which is terrible self-talk), this book is excellent are rebooting your flair and inquisitiveness.

I also recommend her Creativity Workshop on Udemy.

Best Self Help Books for Happiness

Best Self Help Books: Dalai Lama book - The Book of Joy

What can be more happiness-inducing than reading stories and conversations between these two incredible, kind, heart-centred men?

As well as discussing issues around the world, this book also focuses in on their friendship and kindred spirits.

It's a heartwarming, relaxing read to bring a smile to your face and happiness to your day.

I hope you will enjoy reading my favourite self help books and you too will learn new wisdom from these great writers.


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