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How To Switch Off From Work When Working From Home - The Easy Way

If you are working from home, this easy WFH hack will make all the difference to your personal time and change your mindset when you finish your working hours.

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So many of my clients are now working from home (WFH) and tell me how exhausted - and frustrated - they are by the lack of demarcation between their working hours and personal time. I am regularly asked how to switch off from work before the evening comes.

Freelancers who have been working from home for years feel the same way.

Maybe the line between your work time and personal time blurring now that you are working from home. When based in an office, at least you can just walk out of the door and leave the space at the end of the working day. If your home is your office, what can you do?

This simple action creates a huge shift by telling your brain how to switch off from work

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This trick is so simple yet incredibly effective.

When you finish your work for the day, take a shower and change your clothes.

Shut your computer down to signal work time is over and head straight to the bathroom. Enjoy washing the day away and you could even spend time thinking about what you would like to do this evening; this is called mental rehearsal and will steer the mind into a new mood and mindset.

Pick clothes which you would usually wear on a weekend and that are comfortable. Studies show that clothes change how we think and feel, so choose items which reflect relaxation and enjoyment.

Try this easy working from home hack and see how different you feel afterwards.

If you are finding working from home hard, whether it be maintaining a work life balance, motivation, clarity or you are missing the lack of connection, I can help.

Faith Hill life coach UK and NLP practitioner UK

I am a certified Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP Practitioner. Working with a life coach and using NLP therapy will help you feel more positive, energised and balanced.

I help individuals on a private basis and also WFH employees who have arranged coaching through their employer's wellbeing program.


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