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Realise Your Potential: Be the best version of you

Central London

Saturday 8 August 10.30 – 17.30

Tickets £49



      Silvia Christmann, interviewed by Spark Escapes founder, Faith Hill




















DANGER: This 1-day workshop will make you love your life and dance like nobody is watching!


Led by New York executive business coach, Silvia Christmann, this workshop will help you:

  • Unleash the best version of you

  • Map out the life you want

  • Uncover your sense of personal freedom, purpose and desire

  • Navigate the emotional landscape of changes in your life

  • Maximise your energy levels, focus and clarity

  • Keep fun in your life and how to make it a life long practice

  • Align yourself with your goals, mission and opportunities


You will:

  • Infuse your life with a new level of joy

  • Find a renewed sense of purpose and passion in your life

  • Become the leader and influencer you always wanted to be

  • Discover opportunities along the way you could have never imagined

  • Expand your experience of life and your relationships within this context

  • Set yourself on a mission with razor-sharp focus and clarity

  • Make changes without financially compromising yourself

  • Learn exciting new stuff

  • Feel healthy and happy


What to expect

An uplifting and unforgettable one-day workshop packed with insights, tips and tools to take you to your next level. We will deep dive into the reality of navigating the emotional landscape of change and what it really takes to break away from a life you’ve known so far. Struggles will be shared and real life examples will be coached during the workshop.


We will discuss why it’s never too late to follow your heart, and how fear and anxieties as just a mental habit that you can stop. We’ll also uncover how your perception impacts your ability to see or choose solutions, and use smart tools to help you maintain momentum and to consistently move yourself forward to become a better you.


Registration and refreshments begin at 10.30am. We’ll enjoy a healthy lunch and end the program at 4.30pm, followed by a celebratory drink until 5.30pm.



Tickets are £49 (plus booking fee).

Price includes refreshments, lunch and post-workshop celebratory drink.

Spaces are limited. Please book early via Eventbrite to avoid disappointment.


Our venue

The Trampery Old Street, 239 Old Street, London EC1V 9EY (MAP)

Closest tube: Old Street on Northern Line. Take exit 1, walk 100m along Old Street.

Buses: 21, 55, 67, 76, 149, 242, 243 and more. Sorry, no private parking available.


Testimonials for Silvia Christmann

“Silvia is a creative innovator with a strong entrepreneurial drive and deep commitment to personal growth. Putting Silvia in a box is out of the question. If Silvia believes in what she’s doing there is no stopping her. She is a tremendous asset to anyone who wishes to engage her expertise” J. Landry, Los Angeles


“Silvia is a rule breaker – always seeking new frontiers while offering different perspectives paired with creative solutions.” P. Tosto, Atlanta


“Silvia is an inspired leader, she pairs business growth with self-improvement principles and an enchanting attitude, driven mindset and vision of endless possibilities and shows an intuitive passion to break ground on personal and professional frontiers.”  AA Bavelas, New York


“Silvia is a very smart and efficient in making sure people fast track their professional and personal growth. She helps you grab the essential faster than you could think possible.” D. Foubard, Paris


“I am always confident that no matter what the conversation, challenge or objective, Silvia will contribute valuable insight, enthusiasm, and determination. She is an extremely intelligent, hard working, and genuine expert, and a true asset to anyone who wants to get to the next level in their lives.” R. Biolsi, New York

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