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True Life Stories - Inspiring Life Design Ideas

Inspiring Stories Romi Grossberg
Romi Grossberg, counsellor and author

Romi is a holistic counsellor and therapist & has worked in Australia & Cambodia. She is the author of  5-Minute Guide To Emotional Intelligence. Watch video

Hollie head shot.jpg
Hollie Hill, online personal trainer

Hollie transformed her health & wellness training business in London to an online concept so she could move to the south coast of Spain. Watch video

Inspiring Stories Matthew Phelps
Matt Phelps, founder of Funthyme Dining

Matt used to work the media advertising industry but followed his dream and passion for cooking to launch Funthyme Dining & Events. Read...

Inspiring Stories Sarah Dryden
Sarah Dryden, freelance events director

Following five years in fast-paced New York City, Sarah Dryden returned to London to set up her own event management consultancy. Read...

Inspiring Stories Julien Pabion
Julien Pabion, Apple technician

Julien took the skills he learned and utilised in Paris to become a digital nomad, and continues to work with his French clients from his remote set-up. Watch video

Inspiring Stories Faith Hill
Faith Hill, founder of Spark Escapes

Faith left a long career in media publishing to start Spark Escapes after an epiphany at a life-changing 2-day workshop in London. Watch video

Inspiring Stories Sally Burtt-Jones
Sally Burtt-Jones, media consultant

Sally Burtt-Jones left a high profile media career in London to move to the seaside at Whitstable and become a media consultant. Read...

Inspiring Stories Claire Portis
Claire Portis, life and business coach

After a successful career in media, Claire retrained as a coach and now helps people in life and business tranisitions. Read...

Inspiring Stories Sophie Levan
Sophie, yoga teacher

Following a career in advertising in London and New York, Sophie is now a certified yoga teacher, teaching Ashtanga, Yin, Hatha and more. Watch video

Inspiring Stores Emma Sexton
Emma Sexton, founder of Make Your Words Work

Following a successful career in the design industry, Emma launched Make Your Words Work and a female entrepreneur network, Flock Global. Read...

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