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For organisations, SMEs and start-ups, I provide 1-2-1 online life coaching & NLP sessions for individual employees as well as bespoke online team seminars to boost employee mental wellbeing and mental health.

Through working with a coach, employees stay engaged and motivated, think more clearly and creatively and maintain a healthy work life balance.

Working from Home and mental wellbeing

Huge volumes of people are still working from home with indications showing that this new way of working is here for at least a while yet for many people.  As a manager, being physically separated from your staff makes it harder to understand their true state of wellbeing, so implementing wellbeing initiatives is crucial.

Unfortunately, 47% of SME employees say working from home is negatively impacting their mental health (Wildgoose).

Feelings of isolation, uncertainty and a greying line between work and personal time are all contributing to staff stress and anxiety.


A deterioration in employee mental wellbeing not only affects engagement and motivation, it affects productivity and overall company performance.

What do I provide?

  • Private life coaching and NLP sessions and programs for designated employees

  • Bespoke online group seminars on mental wellbeing and mindset

  • Measured feedback to the decision-maker whilst maintaining employee confidentiality

Sample coaching and seminar topics

Please note: I bespoke all offerings to meet the specific needs of each organisation and decision-maker

Wellbeing in the workplace and employee mental health are more important than ever.

  • Maintaining a Positive Mindset

  • Make Working From Home Work For You

  • Finding Clarity

  • Motivation & Engagement

  • Goal Setting

  • Emotional Wellbeing

  • Turning Negative Thought Patterns into Positive Thinking

  • Relieving Anxiety & Stress

  • Reprogram Your Self Talk

  • Handling Uncertainty

  • Productivity & Performance

  • Benefits of Routine & Scheduling

  • Cultural Change

  • Work Life Balance

  • Time Management & The Right to Disconnect

  • Importance of Self Care & Physical Exercise

How do we get started?

In the first instance, I offer a free initial call together so we can get to know each other. You can confidentially share your wellbeing in the workplace needs and find out more about my programs.

If you decide that I am the right person to help your employees, I will put together a proposal based on your needs.

Please email me today:

Faith Hill mental wellbeing in the workplace coach

What my clients say:

"Faith is a great coach, she's inspiring, optimistic, motivational and very insightful. Over the past few weeks, I've had a number of groundbreaking sessions with her that have helped me to realign my life, get unstuck and create an exciting new path. I’m now very focused, feeling motivated and currently working on some interesting new projects. I will continue to work with her into the foreseeable future, as her techniques and guidance have proven to be very powerful in helping me to realise my dreams, goals and aspirations. I'd highly recommend Faith's coaching services to anyone feeling uncertain or wanting to make changes in their lives."

Cherie Joseph, remote worker

"Great to work with Faith who is exceptional at what she does. I wanted some help and support to make changes but couldn't pick through my jumbled thoughts of what and how. Faith's methods brought absolute clarity, helped me to look at things differently and build a clear plan with objectives. Her coaching is invaluable."


"Faith is intuitive and extremely knowledgeable and draws upon her own experience to provide reliable and relatable advice. I had underestimated the importance of having advice from someone outside of my usual circle. Faith’s ability to help re-frame perceived problems and offer insightful guidance has helped make the path clear."

Laura M, London


"Faith listens intently and takes in everything you say to build solutions and actions for change. She asks questions I would never normally give time to think about and brings so much positivity to the sessions. I have never felt better, felt so clear about what I want and what I need to do. Balance has entered my life and I feel awake for the first time in years."

Sam Hellen, UK


"With her words and unique support, Faith helped me to build the connection to myself again. It's amazing how the way of looking at things can change the entire life. My life got much easier and lots of space to breath, just because of one hour with her. Her suggestions are my daily companion."

Jasmin Schultz, Germany

"Thanks so much for all your help and insight. I'm so glad I got to meet you and be a recipient of your wisdom."

JP, California, US


"You have a true talent for what you do."

NK, Ireland


"I had six sessions of life coaching with Faith and it exceeded my expectations. Faith was able to bring out my strengths and this enabled me to see the positives and start to believe in my aspirations and plans and remove the obstacles that I’d put in the way. Faith is extremely friendly and easy to connect with and I recommend her to anyone who needs some support if they are feeling stuck and unable to move forward."

Amelia White, Brighton

"‘Faith is an incredibly talented and brilliant coach. She has been a key part of my support system during one of the most important and transitional parts of my life. She is a shining star of positivity and light and she sees all possibilities without bounds’.

Justine Walsh, London

"Faith is simply brilliant. She helped me focus on the positives, brainstorm new avenues I could take and embrace the change and uncertainty that is ahead. I came away from Faith feeling more motivated than I have felt in a long, long time. Faith has such a lovely energy and a passion for what she does, that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

LT, London

"Faith, your input and the NLP way you showed to me gave me guidance. I feel that now I am good at listening to me, speaking my truth, whilst accepting others’ truths and ways of seeing things. Also, I feel much more at ease to formulate my opinion clearly without hesitance."

KB, Germany

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